At Alfa Shirt, we’re doing our bit for a green future. Our mission is to print and embroider high-quality clothing in the most sustainable way possible. This means that we always choose the ethical and responsible path in everything we do.

From field
to fashion

We believe that sustainable fashion can make a difference in the world. That is why we say no to fast fashion and strive for an ethical and sustainable production instead. This is reflected in the choice of our partners. We work with textile suppliers such as Stanley/Stella who pursue the same ecological values as we do. This is the only way we can guarantee 100 % sustainable clothing, from field to fashion.


Sustainable fashion and GOTS are often mentioned in the same breath. This makes sense, as GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is an international quality mark for organic textiles. The GOTS label is the strictest certification out there and guarantees an environmentally and socially responsible production. We are therefore extremely proud to have held a GOTS certificate since 2015, the crowning glory of our eco-friendly and sustainable vision.
“Let’s change the fashion industry together, one T-shirt at a time!”

Our sustainable promise

We firmly believe in the importance of transparency, which is why we like to share the steps we are taking to make Alfa Shirt as sustainable as possible.

Alfa Shirt strives to have an as ecologically possible production. We therefore always look for the most environmentally-friendly paint and use water-based ink as much as possible. This is ink that does not contain thinners, as the latter is bad for the environment.

The roof of Alfa Shirt is equipped with no less than 720 solar panels. This will enable us to reduce our CO₂ emissions by almost 180 tonnes in a single year.

We purify the water used during the printing process. Thanks to our professional water treatment plant, even the smallest ink particle is removed, which means we can reuse the purified water.

Alfa Shirt recycles all plastic. Twice a year, a recycling company comes to collect our plastic and compresses it into bales. This allows us to recycle 2000 kg of plastic every year.

Alfa Shirt is fully heated using a heat pump that extracts heat from the air. This way, the air is continuously purified and the heat is recycled. Our offices and showroom are also equipped with underfloor heating. This allows us to minimise our impact on the environment.

We have a rainwater tank of no less than 20,000 litres. Among other things, we use the rainwater we extract to flush all the company toilets.

At Alfa Shirt, we clean our machines with reusable 100 % cotton cleaning cloths. An external, ecological company washes the ink and chemical products from these cloths, so that we can reuse them. In this way, we avoid up to 400 kg of waste annually.

We do everything we can to recycle as much as possible. Even the cardboard boxes from our suppliers are reused.

Our roof is insulated with 16 cm thick insulation and the walls are also optimally insulated. In this way, hardly any heat is lost.