transfer printing

Digital transfer

Digital transfer printing is ideal for complex designs such as full colour images and photos. It is the ideal technique for difficult to print areas and for small orders or large orders that do not have to be delivered at the same time (e.g. 1000 jumpers to be delivered per 50 pieces). The minimum quantity is 25 pieces.

With digital transfer, your design is printed in mirror image on self-adhesive film, cut out and applied to the textile with a heat press. This transfer printing technique is compatible with all types of textiles.

Flex transfer

Flex transfer is the way to go if you want to personalise textiles such as sportswear or workwear with a name or number in one colour. With flex transfer, the desired print is cut out of vinyl – from matt colours to flashy neon and glitter – and then applied to the textile using a durable vinyl transfer. The minimum quantity is 25 pieces.


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